We care about animals and since July 2018 we've become 100% vegan. We know the importance it is to make vegan products and we understand how conscious habits and actions improve life quality, helping both people and the planet.
We are the first
brand cruelty free
in Brasil
We are ahead of our time, because we have never tested on animals and since the 1990s this differential is stamped with great pride on our labels.
Vegetable actives
Well-being and conscience go hand in hand. Respect and love for animals and the environment are part of our essence. Our purpose is to promote beauty and daily enjoyment without worries.

Which is vegetableization?

When a brand chooses to go through a vegetableization process, it is substituting all its animal ingredients for vegetable origin.

This entire process is done by Skala with great care, providing an even better product without animal cruelty. we are very proud that we have never tested on animals

Em 2018, a Skala se tornou 100% vegana, substituindo todos os ingredientes
de origem animal para vegetal. Conheça alguns exemplos:

Leite de cabra
Leite de coco
Queratina animal
Milho, soja e trigo.
Proteína do ovo
Semente de amaranto e amido de milho
Ceramida animal
Óleo de amêndoas, de milho, de semente de algodão, de girassol, de trigo e de abacate.
Colágeno animal
Extrato de alga e goma de caesalpinia spinosa (árvore).
Glicerina animal
Soja e coco
to seek well being is not to disconnect from everything,
but to connect more and more
with people and the planet.