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You don't need pay a high price to take care of yourself. Beauty is in everything and we have always seen it. Beauty lives and endures in love, care, nature and small details. Making the very definition of beauty accessible, is our greatest challenge! Today is our differential and one of our greatest legacy.
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When they said that the sustainable way was more difficult, we overcame it and made it happen. The challenge constantly moves us and innovation is a part of our DNA. Our team is always looking for to launch products with affordable prices and responsible attitudes to the planet.
Creme para Pentear Ceramidas
Mulher analista química
Good job! You found the SKALA and we found you. We are a 100% vegan brand and understand that no one needs to pay more to make the difference in the world.
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Skala pelo mundo

Nossos produtos são admirados ao redor do mundo, estamos presentes em mais de 60 países.
O jeito brasileiro de se cuidar está conquistando o planeta!
Personagens SKALA

Is to do good action

The Gardener Institute purpouse is financially support non-governmental organizations, associations and social movements without political or religious ties, which focus on alleviating human and animal pain and reducing damage to the environment.